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We have dedicated this part of the DCHC website to our journey towards Net-Zero

We will gather helpful information and tools to help us on this journey. 

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Healthcare organisations face an exciting but uncertain future. In the face of the COVID-19 recovery, future health crises, the climate crisis, shifting models of care and increased digitalisation, generations of leaders will need to battle increasing levels of complexity alongside continuing uncertainty and make decisions quickly with incomplete information. Ultimately, however, they have less than 30 years to develop a net zero healthcare system that operates within a net zero economy. While this is daunting, it is also exciting and, if achieved, the future will be bright.


In October we started a collaboration with the University of Plymouth. As part of the Low Carbon Devon project, we managed to recruit an intern, Thijs [Tice] Mostert, for a three month period. Having just completed his MA in Design, Thijs, during his role as an intern, will be working together with the collaborative to investigate ways to measure and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of you may have already seen the survey that he has created with some of our members to gather some initial data regarding where we, as individual providers or managers of care homes, have made any changes or where we think changes can be made. If you have not seen the survey and you would like to share your ideas or experiences, please find the link to it here.

The aim of this initial data gathering was to formulate some questions to discuss during an online workshop that took place on Wednesday 10th November. During this webinar, we were able to share some ideas around what we can do right now to start making an impact on our carbon footprint:


Hello to everyone at the Devon Care Home Collaborative . My name is Thijs Mostert (pronounced as Tice) and I have just completed my Masters in Design at Plymouth University. I believe Design always starts with a story. So what follows now is my story. Who I am and what I am hoping to do 

On the 4th of October I embarked on my next adventure as an intern within the Devon Carehome Collaborative. Before I tell you a little bit about what I will attempt to do in the organisation I will tell you a bit about myself. 

I qualified in 2001 as a nurse in my home country, the Netherlands. In 2003 me and my family decided to move to beautiful Devon. I did a variety of nursing jobs but for the last 10 years I worked as Practice Nurse in the Ministry of Defence. Although I mostly enjoyed my job as a nurse I decided in 2017 it was time for a change. I always missed being able to explore my creative side so after a few years of finding myself, I decided to start a Masters in Design. I’ve always had a special interest in sustainability and felt there was more that could be done in the world of healthcare for this sector to become more sustainable. A healthy planet with healthy people.

The internship will cover 3 months and is an initiative between the sustainable earth institute at the University and the newly formed Carehome Collaborative. The last two years have not been easy for anyone, especially for people working in the care sector. I can imagine some of you feel you have been tried and tested in the jobs you do and possibly at home too. At the same time this is also an opportunity to rethink, restart or reset. An opportunity to do things differently. 

To determine a starting position for this project I created a survey tat has gone out to all members of the collaborative and the results have been collected and can be found here. 

We used the results of the survey to help us structure an initial workshop around what sustainability means for the collaborative and how we can take steps towards greener care in the future. The workshop van be viewed here.



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The first pillar focuses on a company’s activities to reduce its own emissions, aligned with a 1.5°C pathway.


The second pillar focuses on a company’s activities to reduce its value chain emissions, with the same goal.


The third pillar addresses the alignment of the company’s vision, strategy, value proposition, products and services with the 1.5°C ambition. It means prioritisingproducts and services that enable
reduction and removal of customer and  societal emissions, enabling resourceefficient lifestyles and consumption patterns, and suppressing solutions with an adverse climate impact.


The fourth pillar describes how to contribute to the 1.5°C ambition beyond your own business. This means, for example, influencing government policy, supporting industry initiatives to align with 1.5°C and making sure that organisations that the company belongs to do not counteract the company’s own actions. It also includesto help management and employeesto adopt sustainable practises and
funding projects outside a company’s value chain that help remove or avoid emissions.