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Influence climate action in society

The fourth pillar in this framework covers an area that goes beyond your business’ interest. It could include proposing or demanding policy changes. The fact that DCHC is a collaborative with a substantial amount of care homes within its membership may well be of a benefit here. During the workshop we touched on the fact that waste collection is very different in the various areas across Devon. This results in hugely varying practices across the sector when it comes to waste collection. This makes it hard to determine a best practice model for the collection of waste across the collaborative.  This is where collaborative action can help to change policies.

Another area that could be looked at here is investments. Evaluate how your organisation and investments most efficiently can contribute to the 1.5C ambition in society and decide on a strategy.  Join and contribute to business/trade organisations which are committed to a 1.5C ambition and avoid those that are counteracting those ambitions.

In line with Pillar 3 it can be helpful to get your management. Employees and owners to start halving their own emissions and start to adopt what is known as a 1.5C lifestyle (in some literature this is called a 5-tonne lifestyle)

You can do this by sharing educational materials and personal climate calculators. Having everybody in your organisation understand what it takes to make changes will help to implement your strategies.

The Offset Guide is for companies and organizations seeking to understand carbon offsets and how to use carbon offsets in voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies. It is also an educational resource for technical experts in academia and government. Further, this guide explains what role purchases of other environmental commodities, like renewable energy certificates (RECs) and emission allowances, can serve in claiming GHG emission reductions

Is it possible for you to cut your carbon footprint in half and improve your quality of life? Oh yes. The choices you make – how you live, eat and move – have a direct impact on the environment. Everything you do, no matter how big or small, helps.

Fossil Free Sweden was started at the initiative of the Swedish Government in 2015 ahead of the major UN climate conference in Paris and brings together actors in the form of companies, municipalities, regions and organisations that give their backing to the declaration that Sweden will be one of the first fossil free nations in the world.

Kurtzgezagt has created a series of animations explaning climate change. Click on the video on the left to watch one of their animations. The button below takes you to their youtube channel where you can find more.